Student Accounts
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Student Accounts

  1. 1098T
  2. Do all students receive a 1098-T?
  3. How are my amounts for billing and scholarships/grants calculated on my 1098-T form?
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  1. Tuition and Fees
  2. How are my tuition and fees calculated?
  3. How do I check payments and charges from previous semesters?
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  1. Health Insurance
  2. Health Insurance Fee
  3. If I add a class at the last minute and I owe a balance, when do I have to pay?
  1. Nelnet/Payment Plan
  2. Can I sign up for the payment plan after the enrollment deadline?
  3. Can I use the payment plan for a prior balance?
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  1. Payment Deadline
  2. If I do not intend to pay/attend, do I need to drop my registration from classes?
  3. If I don't pay for my classes, will my classes be cancelled?
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  1. Past Due Balance
  2. Can I set up a payment plan to pay my past due balance?
  3. What is a past due account?
  1. Payment Options
  2. Are there any debit cards not accepted?
  3. Can I authorize another person to pay my bill?
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  1. Refunds
  2. Can I pick up my refund in the student accounts office?
  3. Has a refund been sent to me?
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  1. Office Hours/Location
  2. Location, Mailing Address and Office Hours
  1. Third Party/Sponsorship
  2. Americorp
  3. Can I use tuition reimbursement to pay my outstanding balance?
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  1. Past Due Balance/Collections
  2. If I made a payment to the collection agency, can my hold be removed so that I can register?
  3. My account is with a collection agency. Can my account be recalled so I don t have to pay the fees associated with the collection agency?
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  1. Withdrawals and Refunds
  2. How is the refund processed if payment was made using grants or scholarships and I withdraw?
  3. If I withdraw and owe a balance, what do I do?
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  1. Senior Citizen Waiver
  2. How does a senior citizen get a waiver for tuition and fees?
  1. Holds/Restrictions
  2. I have a bad address hold. What do I do?
  3. Why do I have a hold on my account?