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Ask a Grizzly


  1. Academics/Majors/Programs
  2. Does GGC offer Pre-Health programs (Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Radiologic Sciences, and more)?
  3. What day does the term begin?
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  1. Accepted Next Steps
  2. I was accepted to GGC, what are my next steps?
  3. Once I am accepted whom should I speak to about academic advisement (e.g. what classes were transferred and/or what classes I need in order to pursue my degree)?
  1. Admission Decision
  2. How can a student appeal their admission decision?
  3. How do I appeal my admission decision?
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  1. Application Status
  2. Have you received my application?
  3. How can I check my application status?
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  1. Admission Requirements
  2. Can I attend GGC if I have a GED?
  3. Can I fax my transcript, test scores, application?
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  1. Bear Essentials
  2. Am I required to attend Bear Essentials?
  3. How do I sign up to attend Bear Essentials?
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  1. Campus Visit
  2. How can I schedule a campus tour?
  3. How do I reschedule my campus tour?
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  1. Foreign Transcripts/Evaluations
  2. I am having trouble getting my transcript from my school in another country. What should I do?
  3. If I am currently enrolled at a college in the United States, do I still need to submit my transcript from my college in another country?
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  1. General Admissions
  2. Can you send me more information about Georgia Gwinnett College?
  3. Does GGC offer childcare?
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  1. How To Apply
  2. Before I apply, Can I find out what credits will transfer from my previous college?
  3. Can I submit documents after the document deadline?
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  1. Special Programs
  2. Does GGC offer an Honors Program?
  1. Test Scores, Requirements, Testing Services
  2. Does GGC accept AP or IB credit?
  3. Does GGC accept CLEP scores?
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