When will I get my 1098-T form?
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When will I get my 1098-T form?

According to federal regulations, GGC is required to provide the 1098- T forms by Jan 31. You should receive the form sometime shortly thereafter if you did not elect to have it delivered electronically. If you signed up to receive the statement electronically, you will be sent an email notification the same day paper statements are mailed. Anyone signing up to receive the statement electronically after the statements are mailed will not receive an email as the statement would have already been mailed.

To access your 2017 1098-T electronic statement, visit Heartland ECSI and select “Click here” for tax statements. Under School Name, enter Georgia Gwinnett College and then provide requested information to verify your identity. The information requested is your first name, last name, SSN, Zip Code as it appears on your school record.

For assistance with this process, please contact Hartland ECSI Customer Service for a Live Chat or at 866-428-1098 between 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday.

Heartland ECSI Contact Link: https://heartland.ecsi.net/index.main.html#/contactus

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