Can I have overnight guest? Can they be of the opposite sex?
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Can I have overnight guest? Can they be of the opposite sex?

Yes, you can have overnight guest, and they can be of the opposite sex.
Please see the excerpt from the Community Guide below:
h.       Overnight Guest Privileges
               Please respect the rights and privacy of others. Please be reminded that this is a shared community.
i.         An overnight guest’s stay must not exceed three consecutive nights.  Not more than ten overnight visits are allowed per resident and guest per term. Situations requiring additional nights must be approved in writing by GGC Residence Life.
ii.        The hosting resident must be a resident of the suite where the guest will stay. Overnight guests shall sleep in the resident’s bedroom.  They are not allowed to sleep in the common areas of the suites or other public spaces of the residence halls.
iii.      No one under the age of 16 years old may stay overnight in the residence hall.  Guests who are 16 and 17 years old may be approved by the Office of Residence Life to stay overnight with parental permission submitted to the Residence Life Office (RL 1000) by the parent 
i.         Written approval from the Office of Residence Life is required for any overnight guests. Residents should see the Office of Residence Life for details and/or written approval requirements.
        i.     Escorting Guests
i.          Guests in a residence hall must be escorted by the host resident at all times.
ii.         Residents are expected to know the visitation policies and are responsible for informing their guests of all policies. See your RA, Community Guide, or GGC Office of Residence Life for more information.
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